Why ads?

Selling ads has been a part of the project plan, although not disclosed earlier. It is one of the ways for STHC to sustain itself.

All the profits earned from advertisements will be given back to STHC users via various paths. For example, soon we will open raffles in which you will receive fiat money or Bitcoin (if lucky). Hopefully, such programs will attract more people to join the STHC community, which will generate more advertisement incomes. In turn, more profits will be distributed to the community. With the cycles feeding themselves, STHC will grow stronger and stronger.

Hence, please support the project by bearing with the ads. After all, you will benefit from it significantly.

As for the ad content, other than disabling adult content, there is nothing much we can do. If the content seems offensive to you, we apologize in advance. If you know better ad networks, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation. Let us grow together.