Welcome to the Open Project of Anonymous Identity!

Welcome to the official discussion board for the Open Project of Anonymous Identity (OPAI)!

The goal of OPAI is to provide everybody (and everything) with an identity that can be used for authentication universally online. The identity is self-contained and fully separated from the real ones, hence called Anonymous Identity (AnonyID). It perfectly protects privacy and will serve as the base for an unified virtual society in cyberspace that is parallel and contrast to the one in the physical world.

The operations of AnonyID are based on the cryptocurrency Soothing Coin (STHCOIN/STHC) (web site https://soothing.center). While the AnonyID system is being developed, you are encouraged to get as many STHCOIN as you can so that you can start with AnonyID smoothly ASAP in the near future. In the post “How to Participate and Get STHC”, tips to get the coins can be found.

The details of the project is elaborated by the documentation hosted at Github. The white paper is included there and can be downloaded from the Release Section.

This forum is dedicated to organized discussion on OPAI. The discussion will be saved for long term references. Your comments, suggestions, critics and even jokes will be greatly appreciated. Please be polite to each other. Trolls and spammers will be banned.

For real-time interactive discussion not to be kept long term, please visit the Telegram group at https://t.me/AnonyID.

Let’s get started on building a “parallel universe”!