Twitter Tipping (beta)

STHCOIN can now be used for tipping on Twitter. When you tip someone, you are transferring the right of the tipped amount of STHC to that person. The person can then use the right to get that amount of STHC (by withdrawing tips). Correspondingly, for you to tip, you need to deposit STHC to the tipping pool first.

The tips, i.e. the right of owning some STHC, can be transferred between any two users on Twitter.

The steps for tipping:

  1. Register at to get an STHC address, if you have not.

  2. Link your STHC address to your Twitter account at

  3. Go to and deposit some STHC to the tip pool

  4. Tip on Twitter.
    (1) Tip users
    Example: (to 1.2 STHC to there users each)

    @STHC_TIP 1.2 @username1 @username2 @username3

    (2) Tip those who retweets
    In the tweet you would like to be retweeted, include

    @STHC_TIP 1.2 for all retweets

    Each of the retweets will then receive 1.2 STHC


    @STHC_TIP 1.2 for 100 retweets

    Each of the first 100 retweets will then receive 1.2 STHC

    If you somehow want to stop the tips early, just retweet your original tweet with the following comment.

    @STHC_TIP stop

  5. The coins in the tip pool need to be withdrawn first before they can be sent to other STHC addresses.

  6. Those who do not have STHC addresses but have received tips can also tip, as long as the total sent is less than the total received.

  7. Check the tips you sent/received at Page Not Found.

  8. If a tweet giving tips does not show up in your records, please manually submit the tweet for scan at Soothing Coin (Sthcoin, STHC) .

The steps to convert tips to coins:

  1. Register at to get an STHC address, if you have not.

  2. Link your STHC address to your Twitter account at

  3. Withdraw the tips at

More advance usage:

  1. Tip additional for each follower that the retweeter has.

    @STHC_TIP 1.2/0.001 for 100 retweets

    The retweeter will receive 0.001 coin for each follower s/he has. If s/he has 1000 followes, the total tip will be 1.2 + 0.001 x 1000 = 2.2 STHC.

  2. Set expiration date

    @STHC_TIP 1.2//10 for 100 retweets

    The tipping will stop automatically 10 days after the tweet date or 100 retweets, whichever comes first. Note that there are double slashes.

  3. Tip additional for followers AND set expiration date

    @STHC_TIP 1.2/0.001/10 for 100 retweets

    It is the combination of the above two examples.

This tipping concept must be well explained

If you have particular questions, that will help us to explain better. Thanks.