Twitter Rewards (beta) Program

With this program, you do what you have been doing on Twitter and earn STHC as rewards.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any abuse will result in deep or total discount of the rewards without notice.

It is simple. Just tweet/retweet any tweets with

Follow @sthcoin_sthc
Find #STHCOIN at, join and own your #crypto!
Telegram group:

or reply to/like the tweets of @sthcoin_sthc, you will receive STHC as rewards. For each follower you have, you will receive additional rewards as well. To receive even more rewards, tag your friends in tweets/retweets. The following are the numbers.

(The numbers are only preliminary. We will adjust them based on statistics, hopefully higher.)

Follow: 2 STHC
Every retweet of sthcoin_sthc tweets: 0.2 STHC
Additional per-follower-pay for every retweet of sthcoin_sthc tweets: 0.00001 STHC
Every other tweet/retweet: 0.1 STHC
Additional per-follower-pay for every tweet/retweet: 0.000005 STHC
Additional per-tag-of-friends-pay in every tweet/retweet: 0.025 STHC (any Twitter user can be tagged no more than once per week)
Every reply: 0.05 STHC
Additional per-follower-pay for every reply: 0.000002 STHC
Additional per-tag-of-friends-pay in every reply: 0.01 STHC (any Twitter user can be tagged no more than once per week)
Every like: 0.025 STHC

To access STHC that you receive, sign up at (if you don’t have done that before)

and then link your STHC address to your Twitter account at

Even if you don’t sign up and link, the coins will still be reserved for you. You may come back to grab them any time.

If you don’t see the rewards for a tweet, you may manually submit the tweet for scan at Soothing Coin (Sthcoin, STHC)

Enjoy tweeting!

Update 1: For retweets, only those of the pinned tweet or the tweets within the most recent 30 days can earn rewards, as tweet content may expire.
Update 2: Follow reward is handed out along with the first tweet/retweet reward.
Update 3: Twitter accounts older than 30 days with at least 50 tweets and 20 organic followers will receive full rewards. Others will receive discounted rewards depending on the account history. Twitter accounts younger than 30 days will receive a small flat reward.
Update 4: The number of tweets (including retweets and replies) and likes are capped per day to promote normal behavior. The cap is 20 for tweets/replies and 20 for likes for now and subject to changes. The limit is set so that you are less likely to banned by Twitter.


great sir i follow this reward ,i hope your project moon in the future…
good bless you team


Thank you very much. We grow together.

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When retweet with comment, make sure you include


in your comment.

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If your tweets or retweets include all the following four components, it is much much less likely to miss the rewards. You can write the non-tag words in other languages and it will still work!


  • @sthcoin_sthc




Now you can also retweet the “Award for Action” tweets to earn rewards.

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Nice explanation …we shall keep tweeting until the whole world get to know this great project

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Thank you. We count on yours and everybody’s support.

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Good i love your projects


Follow @sthcoin_sthc, join #STHCOIN at, re/tweet and earn rewards in crypto !


When tagging friends to get rewards, any Twitter user can be tagged no more than once per week. That is, if somebody tagged user A this week and then you also tagged user A, you won’t get tag reward.


Follow @sthcoin_sthc, join #STHCOIN at and earn rewards in crypto !

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