Soothing Coin coupon - The First and Only Customizable and Referrable Cryptocurrency Coupon

Soothing Coin (STHCOIN, STHC) coupons are special in that they are not only redeemable, but can also be referred. When people redeem coupons referred by your, you earn. When referring coupons, you may customize them. With that, you can make the coupon codes to carry the information you want to advertise, while the payment of crypto coins is on us!. See the following for details.

A Soothing Coin coupon looks like the following:


Either to redeem or refer, you need to sign up to get an STHC account first.

  1. Redeem an STHC coupon

    Simply go to , enter your login information (if you have not logged in yet) and the coupon code, the redeem.

    Note that you can redeem a coupon only once during its lifetime. Users from the same IP addresses are considered the same user. In addition, you cannot redeem a coupon that has been referred by you.

    Most coupons can only be redeemed once in a certain period (e.g. a day). If you are lucky, you will be able to redeem one. Otherwise, you may want to consider referring coupons to increase your chance of getting coins (via commission).

  2. Refer an STHC coupon

    You may also refer others to STHC coupons. When they redeem the coupon, you will earn a commission. Since most of the coupons can be redeemed once in a while, to earn commissions from referral is more profitable. The more people your refer a coupon to, the more likely you will get some coins from the coupon.

    To refer a coupon, go to, enter your login information (if you have not logged in yet) and the coupon code you want to refer, you will receive a coupon code of your own. You will then share this new coupon code with other people. It is totally fine to set the coupon code to some text that carry the information you would like to spread (e.g. for advertisement). Nonetheless, there is a limit of 32 characters as a coupon code understandably cannot be too long.

    The referral can be of multiple levels. That is, after A refers a coupon published by Soothing Coin officers, B can A’s coupon, then C can refer B’s coupon, and so on. If someone redeems C’s coupon. A, B and C will all receive a commission. The maximum level of referral is six.

There is an advantage of referring coupons: You can earn commission repeatedly for the same coupon when it is redeemed by different users. Again, the more people you refer a coupon to, the more likely you will get something from the coupon.

Some more notes:

  • About abusive IP address

    The system detects whether you are from an IP address that has been reported as abusive. The IP addresses of VPN and proxies are considered abusive as well. There is a slim chance that the system misjudges. In that case, please change to another network and try it again. You can also report the IP address by replying below, and the technicians will investigate it. However, that will take time.

  • Issue reporting

    Should there be any issues with the coupons, please report it below. We will fix it ASAP.