Invest in TBC2 IEO with STHC

TBC2 Coin starts new IEO on MercuriEx (Link) from 30th of april.
Beside TUSD, investors will be able to buy TBC2 with STHC.

Selling price 120 TBC2 = 1 STHC
In this round 20 million TBC2 can be bought with STHC.

After completing IEO TBC2 will be listed and traded on MercuriEx.

About TBC2

TBC² Coin is a decentralized, transparent and open source ERC-20 token deployed on the Ethereum Network.

By deploying on the Ethereum network, TBC² coin users can utilize a multitude of third party wallets and blockchain explorers, meaning there is no single wallet or explorer that has to be maintained and updated by a centralized team.

Total Supply 1 Billion Coins, with a fair distribution phase.

TBC2 Coin Business Initiative

The list below includes businesses who have pledged to accept TBC2 Coin as a payment option after the completion of the TBC2 Coin IEO and listing of TBC2 Coin on MercuriEx.

  • Harvest Time Group UK (asset protection)
  • Atomy Co Ltd. Korea (skincare)
  • Costasur Estates Spain (real estate)
  • Dinasty Asian Taste Spain (restaurant)
    -Estepona Tyres Spain (repair)
  • The Face and Body clinic London (UK)
  • Health First Studio Marbella (Spain)
  • International Dental Clinic Malaga (Spain)
  • My Production & My Spotlight (film producer, UK)

and many others.