How to Participate and Get STHC?

1. Invest directly

Buy STHC at one of the two exchanges MercuriEx or ProbitEx, or talk with the team in Telegram or contact the admin here.

2. Mine coins

STHC is the most GPU/ASIC resistant coin ever. That is, no special equipment is needed other than normal computers. Everybody with a normal desktop or laptop can mine. Just follow the instructions below.

Sthcoin Mining for Dummies](Sthcoin Mining for Dummies)
Advanced Instructions for Mining on Windows 10 (x64)
Advanced Instructions for Mining on Mac OS

3. Refer people

Tell others about STHC and encourage them to sign up with your referral ID (shown on the balance page). Every successful referral can earn you 5 STHC. Check ‘How to refer?’

Some rules are put in place to mitigate abuse. Please make sure to read them.

Rules of Referral Rewards

4. Tweet/Retweet about STHC

That will help to raise the awareness about STHC and thus will be rewarded. Please make sure you include the right words. See the details at the post below.

Twitter Rewards (beta) Program

5. Play lottery

That is perhaps the easiest way to get some STHC. Just visit . Before playing lottery, please sign up first.

You may notice the ads while playing lottery. There is a reason as explained at “Why ads?”.

6. Be an STHC merchant

With a few lines added to your web page, you will be ready to accept STHC for payments. See the easy instructions at “Guide for Merchants”.

7. Contribute to the project

Any non-trivial help to the project deserves some rewards. Talk to the team in the Telegram group or drop a post here in the forum.