Guide for Merchants

To accept STHC for the items on sale on your web site, please follow the steps below.

  1. If you do not have an STHC address, please go to Soothing Coin (Sthcoin, STHC) and register.

  2. On the web site, go to “Merchant” → “Register as Merchant”, and register as a merchant.

  3. On the web site, go to “Merchant” → “Register Merchandise”, enter the items on sale on your web site.

  4. Go to “Merchant” → “List Merchandise”, and copy the HTML code and put on your web site.

    When a customer clicks the link, s/he adds the item to a shopping cart.

  5. On each page of your web site where items are listed, include the following text:


    <script src=“”>

  6. Add the following to your web page to let customers open their shopping cart.

    <A HREF='' target='_blank'>Show Shopping Cart</A>

    When a customer clicks the link, s/he will be directed to the STHC web site. They must have a registered STHC address in order to see the cart and check out. Once checked out, both you and the customer will receive an email.

  7. That is it! Now you can accept STHC as payment.


Refund process:

  1. Go to “Merchant” => “List Orders”, find the information of the order, including the order ID.
  2. Go to “Merchant” => “Refund Order”, enter the order ID and follow the steps.

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Here is an instructional video made by an enthusiast