Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the total circulation supply?

    Check the real time number at the web site

  • How to earn STHC rewards?

    Mining: Instructions for Mining on Windows 10 (x64)
    Referral: Get the referral link from the balance page.
    Twitter rewards: Twitter Rewards (beta) Program
    Everyday lottery:

    You may also earn rewards with other significant contributions. Contact us in the Telegram group at

  • How long does it take to mine STHC?

    At this point, it takes on average 2 to 3 days to have one block mined. It could be much longer depending on your luck. Everything is totally random. It will get more difficult over time as more people join mining.

  • How much is one successful referral worth?

    5 STHC for now. It will decrease over time. See the roadmap at

  • Why don’t I see my referral rewards even if I referred?

    That’s because the people you referred have not met the requirements yet. Check the conditions at Rules of Referral Rewards.

  • How many coins does one block have?

    About 11.49 STHC at this point. It decreases by about 1/48 every 4 months.

  • Which key should I use for sending coins?

    Any of the three keys received at signup can be used.

  • Why are my keys wrong?

    Most likely, you used the keys of wrong accounts. Less likely, your keys are corrupt for some reason. It is strongly recommended that you save multiple copies of the keys, each on different devices such as computers and USB drives. On another important note, NEVER try to edit the key files.

  • Why did my sending coin fail?

    Please read Why did my sending coin fail?

  • Did not find the answer here?

    Ask in this forum or in the Telegram group at