DotCoin Giveaway and Exchange Testing

Get 100 free DOTCOIN and exchange them with STHCOIN at Click “My Trading” and go on. More cryptocurrencies will be added to the exchange later.

To get DOTCOIN, download the desktop wallet from Release Verion 0.21.1 · sthc/dotcoin · GitHub (Only desktop wallets are supported for now)

When installing/running the wallet on Windows, make sure to turn off the antivirus. The wallet is 100% safe, but the antivirus would mistakenly identify the wallet as malware.

After that, follow the following steps.

How to trade:

  • To set open bids/asks, click “Trading Board” under “Trade”.
  • To place bid/ask, click “My Trading” under “Trade”. You need an STHCOIN account for that.

Deposit takes about 12 hours to be finalized. Withdrawal takes a few minutes.

DotCoins have been sent to the following friends.

Date: September 6, 2021
Amount: 100 each
Twitter handle: @BahmatovaJulia @lehuyen588u