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Twitter Rewards (beta) Program

With this program, you do what you have been doing on Twitter and earn STHC as rewards. It is simple. Just tweet/retweet any tweets with #I_RECOMMEND_STHCOIN Follow @sthcoin_sthc, join #STHCOIN at https://soothing.cent…

8 February 19, 2020
Topic Index of Soothing Coin (STHCOIN)

[Click the following text to go to the topic] Who needs Soothing Coin? Partnership with AltcoinN Introduction to STHCOIN Project Overview and Plan Bitcointalk threads Instructions for Mining on Windows …

2 January 4, 2020
Instructions for Mining on Windows 10 (x64)

Instructions for Mining Soothing Coin (STHCOIN) on Windows 10 (x64) You may also download the PDF from sthcoin_mining_tutorial_en.pdf (198.4 KB) Having a good open Internet connection to Europe will help the wallet to …

2 December 31, 2019
More About STHCOIN

Strong Security In Bitcoin, to send coins from multisig addresses, private keys are actually not needed. That can be exploited by hackers to send coins from any multisig address. It is just a matter of time before some…

2 December 30, 2019
Binary for Ubuntu 18.04 x64

Download from Here Please note that it will takes hours to sync, so be patient. Make sure your computer has at least 4GB memory (not hard drive). Before running the program, install required libraries with the followi…

2 December 29, 2019
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